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smell based art

We have very special jobs that we use in the production of art. We do studies that we can produce olfactory art, where various artistic practices can be combined with scents.

Sometimes a film, an exhibition, a dictionary, a piece of music, or a painting could be presented by scents. Every work that combines the artistry with smells seeks creative effort. Our searching for special equipment for smelling, different materials to explain emotions never end. It is either; we would like to open our minds and expand our horizons by artworks.

smell based art

smell walks

Using a sense of smell, how can a world that is expected to be transmitted be presented? This time our topic is smells that surrounded us. Our method is a scent walk that we can design it as a way of telling and discovering the smells in life. This walk turns into a unique experiment that completes the whole fiction.

smell walks

Our smell walks, were born with the desire to discover the city with a different sense. And we wanted to share this discovery with others without any prejudice. We walk in our routes that we have identified on the axis of "smell, city and memories". By scratching on the notebook and taking plenty of deep breaths, we think its effects on us, and we perceive the changes of the sense of smell in our environment.

smell strategies

A big family that comes out of our minds, with its fragrances, stories and all the packaging! We reach to people from all ages, with the scents of our cultural memory that we choose from within life. This is a family of fragrances that takes us to those precious moments where everything is forgotten but the smell is always remembered.

smell strategies

It is our job to combine stories with corporate identities and products as well as creating smell based strategies. At the end of this journey, our goal is to make a strong mark on the people’s minds. We present this relationship in the most effective and different ways in the consultancy services that we provide in the projects and we have developed them specifically for brands and corporations.

smell strategies

Without the sense of smell there would not be the sense of taste or the opposite of it. We especially like to use the sense of taste in different fictions. In our team, we are going along with experts in this business. This time we add flavor menus to our unexperienced scent menus to fulfill the story that we have developed. We expect to notice the details that missing from eyes.

nerole smell talks

To increase awareness in the sense of smell by preparing presentations, for the different establishments and institutions. Sometimes we combine our conversations with an experience to place memories in participants’ minds, sometimes we play a game to reinforce this knowledge.

smell talks

A period and its smells. Would it be possible to tell a time by meanings of scent?

We have been meeting for this kind of expression in an event that we went to the end of the 19th century. By its clothings, popular spaces, aromatic gardens we discover this period with our noses. Other senses are becoming accompaniments to enrich the experience.

smell talks

The world that can be associated with the sense of smell is unlimited! It is possible to match this feeling that missing from eyes, to many titles. It is either; Surprise touches can be heard at any time during the conversation! Our talks consist of entertaining sessions and moments that is experimenting clearly and encouraging to smell.

nerole we believe

We believe;
there is a smell to everything we touch in our daily life.

We believe;
some people are aware of it and some are not. In fact we mostly disregarded.

We believe;
that a future full of different experiences is possible with the sense of smell.

We believe;
it is necessary to return to the tools of knowledge and experience, in order to understand the world around us.

We believe;
smell, has secret meanings and that it is a tool to concretize the invisible world behind the visible one.

We believe;
that remembering our memories through scents, even after many years, does not happen by chance.

We believe;
the smell is an important memory area far beyond just being a sensation. Our memories are remembered as a decisive guide.

nerole we inspire

The most frequently asked question is; why we throw this topic come to our minds. The answer would be that we dreamed it first. There were so many people who inspired us to dream. In the beginning, the ancient philosophers should define the senses as "windows of the spirit". For example Descartes often accentuated his learnings by way of senses.
And in literature,
Marcel Proust,
Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar,
Orhan Pamuk,...
All the spoken words, all the written pieces lead us.

“Most of our childhood is stored not in photos, but in certain biscuits, lights of day, smells, textures of carpet.”
– Alain de Botton

nerole we inspire
nerole - we create


As Nerole, we are the first to ever design smell based experiences in Turkey. We have a wide spectrum of projects where the "smell" is centered, by the guidance of multidisciplinary approach such as gastronomy, design utilizing the whole city and the spaces it offers. Creating mind-blowing experiences.

nerole - neler yaptik

It is our job to present scents to people in creative solutions. Right in the works we have built, everyone is smelling the matched scents from private sets that we prepare specifically.

nerole we did


Le Petit Marseillas Smell Experience Design
Hillside Beach Club Content & Smell Experience Design
Time Out 101 İstanbul Lezzeti Tasty Cinema Smell Experience Design Collaboration
Siemens Smell Experience Design
Selin Kolonya Smell Experience Design WATCH
P&G;/ Febreze Smell Experience Design
Bvlgari Content & Smell Experience Design
Epengle Content & Smell Experience Design
Kanyon AVM Smell Experience Design WATCH
Pera Müzesi Education Department Smell Experience Design for Children
Pera Müzesi Smell Experience Design for Adults
Türk Tuborg / Carlsberg Content & Smell Experience Design WATCH
Soho House Istanbul Smell Experience Design
Gastronometro Content & Smell Experience Design WATCH
3. Uluslararası Gastronomi Turizmi Kongresi, İzmir Content & Smell Experience Design WATCH
Solo Content & Smell Experience Design WATCH


2. Istanbul Design Biennial Nasola Dictionary Work
3. Istanbul Design Biennial Design Routes
14. Istanbul Biennial Semiotics with Sense of Smell
15. Istanbul Biennial Transitions Between Art and Sense of Smell on Preview Week
22. Istanbul Jazz Festival Before the Melody Gardot Concert
24. Istanbul Jazz Festival Before the Dee Dee Bridgewater Concert
43. Istanbul Music Festival Before the Fazıl Say Concert
44. Istanbul Music Festival Istanbul Music Festival Scent Marathon
Pera Müzesi Smell Talks under the Exhibition of “Kahve Molası”
A Kinfolk Magazine Gathering Olfactory CinemaWATCH
Soho House Istanbul Olfactory Cinema
İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi @ CUP Architecture and Smell in Dolapdere Olfactory Memory Workshop
Mef Üniversitesi @ Meffada Sense of Place / Scent of Space Workshop
Sonar İstanbul’18 Sensory Experience Design WATCH


Siemens Smell WalksWATCH
Hillside Beach Club Smell Walks
Soho House Istanbul Smell Walks
İKSV Lale Card Program Smell Walks in Several Parts of Istanbul


Selin Kolonya Smell Talks at Launching
Rotary İstanbul Smell Talks
Alametifarika Smell Talks
AŞ Food Co. Smell Talks
GlaxoSmithKline Smell Talks
Türk Tuborg / Carlsberg Smell Talks
Soho House Istanbul Smell Talks
TAK Kadıköy Presentation of Kadıköy Scent Mapping


Selin Kolonya Consultancy / Strategy / Concept Design / Packaging Design / Process ManagementWATCH
Solo Consultancy / Strategy / Concept Design / Process Management WATCH
Kanyon AVM Strategic Output
Ay Marka / Divarese Project Design


Have nothing left to say about us hence the only line you will find on our resumes is Nerole.

nerole - cansu sekular

Cansu: Cansu is life water in Turkish and just like her name she is the “life water” of our projects. She lived in Sweden for a while. Her horizons were extended there... She is the mother of the idea of ​​combining smells with experiences. She has created Kadıköy's Scent Map. She daydreams, likes to work collectively. Kaş is a second home to her.

nerole - firat kesim

Deniz: She is a genetic engineer and a baker. Her mind adds the latest flavors to the mind-blowing projects. She is an explorer, traveler and specialist on social media. She does not leave her camera, and usually does not change her computer for at least six years. Likes to get lost in the deep water. She transfers her inspirations to our experiences. We expect one day she will build the collective studio of her dreams.

nerole - hidayet

Hidayet: He spent many years at agencies, finally found his escape in Göcek. He works at night and sails during the day. When you see one of his creative jobs, it is impossible to forget it again. He is a well-known, award-winning designer.

nerole - kerim

Kerim: Our noble architect. He collects all the experiences and unite them in one space. Understands the purpose of the project and converts it to our dreams come true. As an art consultant and a curator he is the inspirer for our projects. He records Istanbul's contemporary art works from the streets and follows trends. Father to his dog Isabelle. He does not answer the phone after 7pm, and has not had a chance to go on a vacation for 7 years.

nerole soru

Hakan: Survived the corporate for many years. Touched tens of brands ranging from Nivea to Selpak. Meeting Mindfulness and meditation, he started to look for a more fluent and meaningful life. He started a new path to implement his vast experience in different experiments. He defines the strategy of our projects, draws a road map, even ensembles if needed. Being net and clear are among his principles. He won’t work without his creativity muse. In the meantime, there is no TV series he did not watch in Netflix and iTunes.

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